Advertising and Marketing Services

Internet Marketing
The internet has become an integral part of every business. We help our clients understand and navigate the infinite possibilities of what the internet can do for their ROI.
Yellow page directory buying
YELLOW PAGES (Yes we said YPs) No one buys Yellow Page ads better than Ad Source. We have over 30 years experience in negotiating, buying, designing and placing ads. We buy magazines, newspapers, direct mail and more.
Video production for the internet and TV
We create, produce, shoot, edit and place video and audio on your choice of media. YouTube, TV, Cable, Radio, your website wherever you need it.
Billboard advertising placement and buying
Traditional billboards have come of age in the last few years. With the advent of the digital age, billboards are now instantly updatable to display your timely message. Ask us how affordable an outdoor advertising campaign can be for your business.
Large event production including sporting events
Ever thought about putting your business in front of large crowds at professional and local events? We put together sponsorships including Sports, County Fairs, High Schools and Charitable Events. Ad Source has the experience to do just that!
Advertising media placement

We negotiate, research and implement your strategy to reach your target audience. We act as your trusted ally evaluating solicitation calls so you and your employees do not have to be annoyed with those kind of daily distractions.

One Stop Shopping for your Creative and Directional Media

How many companies do you currently meet with?
Ad Source can eliminate the need for multiple companies/reps calling on you time after time.

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    Internet Services

The internet can be quite overwhelming at times and very confusing when it comes to how many ways there are to advertise and participate in marketing your products or services. Our professional website team will design a new site for your buisness or rebuild your current site for better functionality and search engine optimization.   Speaking of optimization... we offer search engine optimization, social media marketing, online reputation monitoring, and online paid advertising campaigns (PPC - Pay Per Click Advertising).

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When it comes to print advertising, all of it carries a common goal:   build a brand, sell a service and move your products. Let our team build a new campaign to show ROI in traditional print mediums. Our expertise allows us to offer our clients some of the best pricing for the level of service available.

When it comes to print yellow pages, some people think this medium has lost its usefulness. That can't be further from the truth. We will show you how we can get a strong ROI with a well purchased and placed yellow page advertising campaign.

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TV has helped our clients build their brand and promote their products to a wide audience. We handle the commercial production and editing in house. Ad Source also can buy your advertising time, place the ad, and add custom graphics and end tags. If you already have an existing spot, we can enhance your performance.
Ad Source produces video for businesses and their websites. We are experienced in producing videos for meetings, presentations and product introductions. We place the video on your website, provide it in the correct format for your meeting or other events. We build a properly optimized YouTube channel to help produce better organic search results for your company web site.

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Are billboards part of your advertising mix? Would you like them to be? Do you realize how many different vendors there are for out door advertising?

Ad Source will do the demographic research to determine where your outdoor advertising campaign needs to be placed. We design, negotiate and buy the poster billboards or electronic billboard campaigns.

Did you know...   electronic billboards can be changed frequently without additional printing cost for poster or vinyl art work. Even more incredible is the fact that electronic billboards can be updated and changed right from a cell phone!

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    Special Events

From Professional Football Pre-Game events to Pro Basketball halftime contests, Ad Source can put together a sponsorship for an event that will get your business in front of enthusiastic crowds! Our team has put together large scale sponsorships of events like tractor and truck pulls and smaller events like a banner at a high school football game to compliment a well placed ad in the game program.

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    Media Placement

Ad Source negotiates with years of experience and expertise. We are highly respected and trusted in our industry by putting our clients first.

We buy advertising and media based on what produces ROI for you,
our customer.